1 – Industrial project design, construction, assembly, installation, commissioning, testing, surveillance and supervision, operation, maintenance and repair works,

2 – Preparation of construction, installation, testing, operation and maintenance procedures and audit of implementation,

3 – Preparation of method statements for Industrial facilities modification, repair, renovation, control, surveillance and inspections are conducted, commissioned,

4 – Destructive and non-destructive (NDT) Testing, surveillance, supervision, supervision, advising,

5 – Fire system and pump performance tests,

6 – Insurance checks to make before the pre-audit and risk-reducing activities,

7 – Surface preparation processes, machines, equipment, and ensure to supply of consumable materials.

8 – Surface coating processes, machines, equipment, and supply of consumable materials.

9 – Modification, repair and maintenance works. Pipes, valves, all kinds of equipment, supplies, equipment and supplies, buying and selling.

10- EN 13445, ASME SECTION VIII To make design calculations of pressure vessels, to make manufacturing project drawings.

11 – Design calculations of storage tanks and manufacturing project drawings according to API 650, AWWA 100 standards.